AP® Biology Teacher Video Training Series

AP® Biology Teacher

Video Training Series

You’ve been told you’re teaching this course and although you know the content, you’re overwhelmed at getting it set up and effective enough to get great student scores. Or you are teaching this course on a proverbial island, without any support from someone else in your school. Either way, both reasons are exactly why I’ve created this training series for AP® Biology Teachers. It’s all to help build your confidence in teaching the course and help you truly be the number one influence on your students' learning… and get those AP® Exam scores where you want them to be.

Enter your information below and I’ll be sending you three videos of content-specific training. Be sure to add the email address ([email protected]) to your contact list so the emails aren’t flagged as spam. Otherwise I’ll see you soon in your inbox.

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Sustainable Teacher,

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Have measurable, obtainable goals and guided next steps that will get you to the work-life balance and Sustainable Classroom you so deserve.


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Day 1

AP® Biology Course Set Up

Day 2

Unit 1 Chemistry of Life

Day 3

Unit 1 Experimental Variables

Here's the truth

It’s hard to be effective with students AND maintain a healthy personal life - it seems as if we have to sacrifice one to get the other.  There just isn’t enough time in the day to be great at both. This challenge is part of our Mission to change that narrative for teachers.

We CAN have both one system, one choice, and one teacher at a time. Join us in the Sustainable Teacher Challenge to start your journey to a more sustainable teacher life.