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Here at Teach On A Mission™, we help teachers build sustainable classrooms so they can stay there longer.  We do this by supporting them as they build flipped and accessible classrooms in ways that don't sacrifice their evenings and weekends.


Enroll in Flipped Classroom Formula™ 2021 Cohort

The Last Cohort of 2021!

Flipped Classroom Formula™ is the only comprehensive program of its kind that helps you build and implement your flipped classroom without the stress of doing it alone.

Instead, build your Flipped Classroom with the support of a teacher who has done it before, within the step-by-step roadmap to get you from overwhelmed to confident, and fully flipped before the school year begins.  The course begins May 24th.

Enrollment Closes 9pm EST on June 25th


A One-hour, Online PD Session for Teachers unlike any other where we get real about the flipped classroom and how it will allow you to be more SUSTAINABLE in your daily teaching life.

There are only a few dates available, so don't miss this opportunity before it goes away.


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All My AP® Psychology Teachers!

You are my people!!  I am so excited to be launching an awesome opportunity for new (first to third year) AP® Psychology teachers - not necessarily new to the profession (although you are welcome too), but new to the content.

The first few years of teaching new content can be grueling... but they don't have to be!  Click below to find out how.  And know that I've got you!

AP® is a trademark registered by the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, this product.


Ever thought about flipping your classroom?

I created a free workbook to help you get started by making the first 3 BIG decisions for your flipped classroom!


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