Top 5 Tools for the Sustainable Teacher | Manage All Your Roles BETTER

Jan 15, 2023

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This video’s sole purpose is to recommend some tools, gadgets, or resources that I know will help you better manage the insane pace of a teacher’s daily teaching life.  They are not top tech tools, they are not organization specific, they are simply things that allow me, and many other teachers I work with, to get a better grasp on life and managing all of the roles they play that are most important to them.

What roles do you play in life?  I guess the better question is, who are you?  You’re probably a teacher.  Are you also a mom or dad? Are you also a friend, a homeowner, a person who prioritizes health and taking care of your body?

Well this video will help you manage all aspects of who you are, not just who you are as a teacher.


Top 5 Tools for Sustainable Teachers

  1. headphones/airpods/bluetooth headphones - when an idea pops up you can speak it into a note on your phone
  2. Daily planner instead of teacher planner - Full focus planner, so that I am goal planning and not just goal setting, and not just writing down a massive to-do list, there’s no relief or relaxation from the act of just writing out your to-do list… the FF planner allows me to map out my to-dos so I’m not overwhelming myself on any particular day
  3. Project management software - Asana, for both professional and personal goals and tasks - when it’s set up right, it tells me what I need to be accomplishing each day
  4. Grocery ordering/Amazon Subscribe & Save - to put the ordering of all food and non-perishable items on autopilot!
  5. Audible - where I listen to all the non-fiction books I, so that I can listen on the go and can listen at 1.5x speed or more, depending on how slow they are. In the video I recommend some of my recent non-fiction reads.

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