Ready To Set Up Your Classroom for a Successful Year in AP® Psychology Whether You're Brand New to the Course or a Seasoned Veteran?

You’re in the right place.


Set Up Your AP® Psychology Classroom for this School Year

Get a breakdown of exactly what it takes to set up your AP® Psychology classroom RIGHT NOW instead of scrambling at the last minute and avoiding all the guesswork of what’s effective and what’s not.

(Even if you have no idea where to start, zero confidence in the content, and a serious allergy to all things organization/planning).

Consider this free workbook a collection of shortcuts and best practices designed to get you to the destination of your teacher dreams…

More time to focus on connecting with and responding to the needs of your students?

Less items on your overwhelming to-do list?

Great curriculum and engaging activities at the ready?

Confidence in the brand new content because you actually understand it?


In the AP® Psych Done Right Teacher Workbook you’ll get:


10 Steps to Set up your course and ensure you’ll have a successful year in AP® Psychology whether you’re a new teacher to the course or have been teaching it for 10+ years.


Links to templates and additional resources you’ll be able to take and make your own so that you don’t have to create items from scratch.


The expert advice and content coaching wisdom from AP® Psychology rockstar, Rachelle Dusso, a 5-year AP® and IB® Psychology Teacher, and two year AP® reader.


A Note from Rachelle

(think of me as your mentor and new content coach 😀)

Whether you were just told yesterday that you’re taking on this beast of a course, you’ve only ever taken one psychology course in your LIFE - totally been there - or you’re teaching this course on a figurative island with no one else to bounce ideas off of, I want you to know that I’m here for you.

I’ve been there, and I want to help.

My own journey in the AP® Psychology classroom started with just me - no one else in my building teaching it, and I felt lost. That is until I found this exact resource you’re about to grab, and now I’ve improved it and am offering it you! How exciting is that?!? My goal was and is that we can connect with our students in the content without being bogged down by our to-do list. Your journey in AP® Psych starts right here.

I’ve condensed my tried and true strategies from years of teaching the course and being an AP® Reader into this free teacher workbook with one goal: to help heart-driven, new AP® Psych teachers like you build the classroom of your dreams all while preserving your personal time so you can stay in the classroom longer, having more impact with your students.

Trust me, if you can get yourself a teaching degree you can easily become a rockstar in the AP® Psych Classroom. Ready to get started?

Grab your favorite highlighter and flair pen and get ready to dig in.

See you soon!