Spending a ton of time researching safe products and shopping for said products as your family needs them is not a luxury teachers have.

Grove provides safe products for your home by automatically sending them as you need them, straight to your doorstep. Create your Grove account below, then download the app to easily setup and check on your subscriptions right from your phone. Simple as that.

No more running out of hand soap or toilet bowl cleaner. Oh, and did I mention the scents of their hand soaps? Uh - so good!

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Mandy’s Favorite Products

From Grove


Toilet bowel cleaner and brush


Seasonal scents Mrs. Meyers hand and dish soaps - we use lemon in the kitchen and rain water in the rest of the house when it’s not the holiday season


Floor cleaning solution and glass bottle


Window cleaning solution and glass bottle

The Sustainable Teacher Podcast is sponsored by Grove. If you’re anything like me, the idea of grocery shopping amongst all our other to-do’s is a major stressor, And I won’t even mention how awful I am at remembering the safe hygiene products and household cleaners my family needs. I forget every time.

That’s what makes Grove so great. They pride themselves on their safe products, and their app makes it so easy to never forget what your family and home needs, I just select my favorite hand or dish soaps, and don’t forget the toilet bowl cleaner, and it’s automatically shipped to my doorstep. Not only are they awesome with their safe and sustainable products, but their subscription model is sustaining me.

Click below to set up your Grove account and to not miss out on their amazing hygiene and home care products.


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