The Sustainable Biology Teacher

A membership program that supports AP® Biology teachers so they can maintain a sustainable pace for both themselves and their students, and feel confident in the content.

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The Sustainable Biology Teacher Monthly Plan

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What you'll get:


Resources - slides, notes, pacing, activities, and more - $100+ monthly value



Coaching - support in the content from Adriana on each unit and other bonus areas to help you be super successful in the course - $200+ monthly value


Collaboration - a private, members-only Facebook group full of other AP® Biology teachers ready to share and take advantage of teamwork - $100 monthly value

What Teachers Are Saying

“I can't describe the impact FCF has had on me and my classroom. Mandy has impacted my life in ways that I can't describe. I don't even think she knows how much she has done for me. Helping me help students and giving me back more time for my family is more than I can ask for and she has helped with both. Mandy was willing to help all of us during each step of the flipping process, answer any question we had, no matter how small or silly we thought it was.”

Bre Bauer

“I tried to flip my classroom on my own, and I never was satisfied with the process and there was no one to bounce questions off of. Mandy provided solutions to roadblocks that I encountered and didn't know how to fix them. I have read several books, watched videos and even taken an online class, but this class was the best and most informative class I have taken. Mandy provided so much excitement and enthusiasm ...about the flipped classroom that it rubbed off onto me that kept me going to finish a couple of units. I am almost done with the 1st nine weeks of the semester. FCF has given me the skills, knowledge, confidence and excitement in implementing my flipped classroom for my future students.”

Robert Malerk

“I feel much more organized and I feel much more relaxed about getting through all the content in my courses because of FCF. I am more excited for school days because I do not have to drudge through the same lecture multiple times in a day. I used to get confused about what class I gave certain examples to, or if I explained a concept to them previously. This year I know they all got the same lecture and examples. ...I do see how I am doing a bit more work outside of class, but honestly I really don't mind the work because I just think - oh, making this video means I just have to give this lecture ONCE instead of 4x this year, and then lookout next year - I will have videos made AND fun and organized classes.”

Nicole Piccini

“Having Mandy as a mentor has helped me and my students immensely. Without any colleagues in my building who teach psychology, it is awesome to be able to meet with Mandy every couple of weeks. Whether it be going over psychology topics, talking about preparing for the AP® exam, or discussing ways to best teach students Mandy has been an invaluable resource, guide, and psych Sherpa.”

Tim Scholze

1st Year AP® Psychology Teacher

“My first year was rough. I was a brand new teacher, I didn't take any psych classes in college, and I was the psychology department - just ME! I attended the AP® Summer Institute and it was wonderful, but I didn’t know the material well enough to fully grasp it all. My first year I spent all of my time creating all of my materials while learning the material. It was not an easy task. I was more confident my second year, but I still struggled with some of the confusing concepts that AP® Psychology discusses. I would find myself not knowing all of the answers and second guessing myself. That is when I found Mandy! As my mentor, Mandy gives me great advice on how I should pace my course and will review the units with me before I teach them. I became extremely confident with my content and am no longer worried when students ask questions. Mandy has given me awesome materials that my students have loved and have made my teaching life manageable! Content coaching with Mandy is one of the greatest investments I've made in my teaching career!”

Courtney Stallman

2nd Year AP® Psychology Teacher