Flipping Your Classroom

Being More Sustainable in the New Normal



How to best be prepared for the new normal of education with a Thriving Flipped Classroom that preserves your evenings and weekends for your personal life, while remaining ultra effective in the classroom.

In This Workshop

You Will Learn


How to make the most of your flipped classroom so that the time investment you make will WITHOUT A DOUBT reap the benefits you are looking for.


The must-have procedures to implement inside your flipped classroom so you’re certain it is set up for success.


The three types of flipping (plus a bonus type) that not all teachers are aware of, and then be able to decipher which format will work best for you, your students, and your classroom as a whole.

Now that’s real results, all in a one-hour training.



“I decided to flip my class so that I could give my students the opportunity to apply what we do in class to the best of their ability as well as holding students accountable. I also wanted to be able to spend as much time as possible with my baby boy, and flipping allowed me to do that. Mandy has helped me put strategies in place to accomplish all of these goals.”




Mandy provided me with the systems and structure I needed to make my flipped classroom happen.  Each time I saw her workshop, I got new pieces of information I could take and use in my classroom.  Her training provided more than what is a lesson plan, but is a classroom-structural plan.  When teachers ask me about my flipped classroom, I point them to her every time.



This workshop is for you if…

  • You are desperately trying to get through the content, so you sacrifice all the engaging, fun stuff for lecturing everyday.
  • At the end of the day you are mentally and physically exhausted by covering the content, as your students just sit-and-get all day… meaning you’re totally working harder than they are.
  • Balancing your in-person and remote learning students is unmanageable, and yet it’s not going away anytime soon, so you’ve got to find a better way.
  • The current pace of teaching is not sustainable, and you’re not sure if you can make it much longer going a million miles a minute while not being able to do the fun stuff of your  career.
  • You sacrifice your evenings and weekends that are supposed to be spent with your family and on your personal life, all for the sake of work work work.

There IS a better way.

And I can help you get there.


“I tried flipping my classroom about 4 years ago and spent half of our class time going over the notes and examples, which left me no time to do fun stuff. I always wanted to try it again, so I asked teachers for advice but I wasn't hearing anything any better than what I had done. So I started following Mandy and with her Flipped Classroom Starter Kit, and this webinar, Mandy made me realize there were different ways to flip the classroom and ways to do it well. I knew I needed her expertise this time around. I am ready to fully flip my classes thanks to Mandy.”



A Note From The Instructor...

The stress and overwhelm that teachers feel this year is palpable and even debilitating. You feel as though you have no influence on students and you can barely keep your head above water in the day to day tasks of synchronous and asynchronous learning. I'm here to tell you that even amidst the struggle of this year, you don't HAVE to feel that way. There is a way to power through it without sacrificing life and limb to get there.

You can be the calm in the storm as you work through this school year because you've prepared your classroom for the unpredictable shifts coming to education.

Hi, I'm Mandy Rice. In the ten years I've been flipping my classroom I've realized how influential this structural change of flipping your classroom can be for any teacher, and any classroom. Because let's face it, every year is unpredictable - regular life is. So why not make a structural change that allows your class to rise above it all.

Please join me for a quick but thorough discussion on how you can be the calm in the storm and how your classroom can rise above all the chaos of distance learning and the paradigm shift in education we are currently witnessing.

Choose the time that works best for you.

See you there!