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AP Psychology Resources - A One Stop Shop

Sep 11, 2019

 My goal in writing this post is to provide to you as many resources as I can that are a combination of paid and FREE AP Psychology teaching resources.

A little introduction first...

I've been teaching AP Psychology for almost ten years now since I started teaching in 2010.  It is SUCH an awesome course that I think ALL students can benefit from, but it's unique because we aren't in the course just to have fun.  Students are there to do well on the test that many of them will pay for, but otherwise still want to do well on to earn that college credit in May.

So, we've got to deliver for them on every unit.

Let me take you through each of the AP Psychology resources below, each of which you can click and check out for yourself.  If you feel so inclined to share these on social media, it would possibly help reach another teacher who is looking for support whether that be in just knowing the content, or having ready made resources.


A while back I flipped my AP Psychology course.  What does this mean?  Well, it means that I created a video for every single "lecture" I gave in class.  Does this mean you need to flip AP Psychology as well??


I just bring it up here because what this means is that my videos, that many students and teachers have said are helpful (and I hope you find them helpful as well), are available on YouTube completely for FREE!

I encourage you to check out my channel.  I have each of the units laid out in playlists so they are easy to follow along.  Here's a preview of some of my more popular videos (these are completely updated and new videos so they may not have a ton of views, but even the older videos on the same topics got tons of views so that tells me they are tricky topics).

Student Google Site

Another resource you may find helpful as far as seeing my videos laid out in order, as well as some other videos I use in the course to supplement other topics (i.e. the placebo effect or split-brain patients), I recommend checking out my student Google site.  

This is the website I use with my students.  I have the bookmark the site at the very beginning of the year, and I also make QR codes for each of the unit tabs and put that code on their Unit Guides that I hand out at the beginning of each unit (the unit guide also tells them what standards we'll be mastering, what materials they'll need to master those standards, and the activities and assessments will have that correspond with each topic).

If you want to know more about those unit guides you can check out our AP Psychology Teachers Membership here.  I'll be giving more details on that soon.

Here is a very zoomed out image of my student Google Site so you can see as much of it as possible.  Notice the tabs at the top for each unit.  

*Please Note* - you and your students will not have full access to all the materials linked here and that's just because there is some sensitive info in the resources I don't share... I'm sure you understand.

You can share this site with your students with the super simple url of 

My Teaching Resources

Have you ever some how acquired another teacher's resources (probably because they kindly shared them with you) or even purchased them and thought, well I could've just created that myself???  Not that all resources you've gotten are this way, but many of them, I would bet, are.  And that's just because we teachers don't have the time we would like to pour into our resources.  And if we do have the time (or we some how carve it out), we definitely pay for it later because that's probably time we sacrificed grading, or connecting with students, or even our personal time for self-care or with our families.

That's why I've poured my time into these resources... so that you don't have to.  And that's why they are not free.  I somewhat feel like I have to justify why they are paid resources, because I definitely think there is this stigma around teachers making quality resources (that they spend their time and energy on making great) that they then make available for a small fee.  I have multiple teacher testimonies that defend the quality of my products, and I hope you check them out and find out for yourself.

These resources are ready to go, no edits necessary, but are totally possible if you'd like to edit them a bit.

Below I am highlighting my Unit 2: Biological Bases materials for you - you can click on each one and it will take you to the link in my store.  I make slides for each of the units as well as corresponding student notes to guide them through those slides (they also correspond to the flipped videos I make and publish on YouTube, so feel free to sue those videos with the notes as well).

Please be sure to subscribe to my store so that you are notified when I upload new resources.  

Currently, I have updated through Unit 2 to correspond with the new CollegeBoard CED (Course and Exam Description).  So, stay tuned for the rest of the units coming out this school year.

AP Psychology Teachers Membership

The last resource is something that I've launched just this school year and is one that I am over the moon about because we currently have 42 teachers in the group and it is going SO well.  I can't even describe the amount of collaboration and camaraderie we feel as a group. 

My ultimate hope with this group is that teachers who are teaching AP Psychology either for the first time (or within the first few years), or have been teaching it for awhile and just need a revamp (something to rejuvenate and improve their practice) or they teach the course ALL BY THEMSELVES within their school and need a group to collaborate with and learn from...  my goal is that they feel supported.  That they are NOT on an island teaching this alone.  And that they have ready-to-go, super high quality resources that allow them more time to spend with their families and on their self care.

You can check out the details by clicking the image below.  I have closed the group as of right now, so if you feel this is something you can benefit from and would like more information on, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

I will be opening the group back up in December or January for any teachers who would like the support in the second half of the year.

What's so different though about this group?  I share about twice as much as what I make available on TpT including quizzes, other resources, ideas, activities, ways to explain things... all of that ON TOP OF my TpT resources (their included with the price of the membership) and the content coaching I provide.  Again, if you have questions, just shoot me an email.

 So that's what I've got for you in this one-stop-shop.

Now, are these ALL the resources I use... absolutely not.  There are plenty more, that are not my own, that I can link for you and describe in another post, but I hope this quick post gets you started and helps you feel supported as you teach this really awesome course.

All my best,


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