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Content Coaching: My Biggest Advice for AP Psychology Teachers

Jul 08, 2019

Scratch that!  This advice is for all teachers.  Although I give this advice from the perspective of AP Psych, it totally applies to all courses who summation is wrapped up into one big test.  Here it is...

Align your course.

Some of you are totally giving me an eye roll right now, as if to say, really - I'm ready a blog post for that advice?!?!?

You're dag-on right you are.  And here's why...

There is SO MUCH out there to align your course to.  Every textbook company says they've got the latest and greatest resources, which many of them do.  Their handouts and activities can be great resources, but you don't necessarily want to be using their resources in the area where alignment matters the most.  That area, my friends, is tests.

When it comes to aligning the assessments of your course, if the resources are available to you, you need to use the ones that are provided by the company who makes the summative assessment of your course.

In AP Psychology's case, your tests should be made almost exclusively from released test questions from CollegeBoard.  I know that not all subjects or courses are lucky enough to have a huge amount of released questions available to them, and that really is unfortunate.  But my advice still stands - don't assume that if it comes from a textbook that the test questions are great. They could be great, but that doesn't mean they are aligned.

So what does this mean for me?

I'm so glad you asked.  

I'm giving this piece of advice because last week (at the time this was written) we all (AP teachers) got their students' scores.  It's a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride to get those scores because you know how hard you worked, you have mostly high expectations, and no matter how great the scores are, are both relieved and disappointed in the scores.

If you are feeling less than excited about your scores, or if you are teaching this course for the first time next year, I want you to heed this one huge piece of advice, and take some time to print the more recent released multiple choice tests provided by CollegeBoard.  Divide them up according to the units and incorporate them into your tests.

This is no small task, but if you get the tests made before you teach each unit, it will change your course completely.

If you found this helpful...

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