Flipped Classroom | How To Use Other Teachers' Videos

Dec 11, 2022


    1. Video Intro: Creating Flipped Videos is no small undertaking. It takes time and tools and effort and a system to keep up with it - all of which I teach and guide teachers on with my online course and other resources available on my website linked in the description below - but you don’t HAVE to make your own videos in order to flip your classroom. 
    2. Channel Intro: Well Hey there, Teacher Friend, welcome to my channel, I am Mandy Rice of Teachonamission.com and the Sustainable Teacher Podcast bringing you weekly teacher-content to inspire and invigorate your love of teaching in a way that allows you to be a good teacher AND have a personal life - because YES, you can have both.  And I would love it if you would come hang out with me on Instagram so we can get to know each other better.  And as always, if this video is something you’re watching and nodding your head to, then go ahead and hit that like and subscribe button so you do not miss any videos I have in the works for you. Alright, let’s get to it.


  • Video Content 
    1. Story time - helping my son with his math homework when he was sick and the stomach bug was ravaging it’s way though our home. He was learning about distributive property - the very very very beginning as a third grader, using multiplication tables. I had no clue - looked up on YouTube - and that’s when another teacher’s video was super helpful for me as a parent
    2. Why you would not make your own videos?
      1. Ran out of time
      2. Want to explore flipping without up front investment - make sure it works first
      3. Need a supplement video
      4. Someone explains xyz better than you
    3. When I recommend using other teachers’ videos
      1. Supplement for students and PARENTS when they are absent or doing homework, working on specific skill
      2. Teach parents how you teach something and how you work with students on a certain concept/principle
      3. In a station rotation on a specific topic in your classroom - use example of null hypothesis in statistics station
      4. Vocabulary practice - students get a word wrong on their assessment (like on Google forms - then they are sent a video that explains the term in another way
      5. To differentiate instruction - for instance, a student needs help on a specific topic which is evident after their formative assessment, you can assign a video to watch, then check their notes and conference with the afterward.
    4. What to do in order to effectively use other teachers’ videos
      1. WATCH THEM FIRST - this is not the easy way out or the lazy way out of teaching
      2. Subscribe to teachers you like on YouTube or find them in groups on Facebook
      3. Tell your students/parents about this teacher - how other teachers do this with me
      4. Reference the video when you are delivering instruction whether in whole class or to small group or individual - “remember when mr. ___ said ___ in his video?? Here’s what he meant or here’s what he was talking about.”


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