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Hear from Teachers of Flipped Classroom Formula

May 26, 2020

The last couple weeks on the blog have been focused on talking to and hearing from students of the flipped classroom.  If you haven't checked those out yet, I would encourage you to here and here.

This week, however, we are shifting gears and our focus to be on teachers not who have just flipped their classrooms, but who have done it by participating in the implementation program that is Flipped Classroom Formula.

Flipped Classroom Formula is the online course I built over a year ago to help teachers not just consider flipping and if it will work for them, but instead to get tools in their hands and actually build the thing.  That's right, it's an implementation program where I walk teachers through, step-by-step, exactly how to flip their classrooms like a seasoned veteran without the overwhelm of DIYing it.

 But instead of hearing me talk about it, I want you to hear from teachers who have been in the program and flipped their classrooms.  Keep in mind that these teachers flipped their classrooms pre-COVID-19, and reaped benefits before, during, and will do so AFTER the pandemic.

 Flipped Classroom Teachers

First up is Courtney, who is a third year teacher and decided during her second year of teaching to flip her classroom, so she joined us as a founding member of the Flipped Classroom Formula last summer.

She talks specifically about how the flipped classroom prepared her students and her classroom as a whole for what went down in March of 2020.

I was fortunate to see my students before we left for the year.  When meeting with them they had no concerns.  Many said "we have been preparing for something like this all year! We got this!".  I definitely didn't see an event like this happening but I am so happy I took advantage of the Flipped Classroom Formula last summer.  As a third-year teacher, I felt relief this entire school year because of my new procedures.  Because of this course, I was prepared for COVID-19 before COVID-19 was a thing.  Planning the videos ahead over the summer gave me more time to get to know my students and help them apply the material in class with me. I gave many end-of-the school year surveys and I was pleasantly surprised that my students saw me as the most organized remote learning teacher! I had a few students who were hesitant at first about the flipped classroom but are now telling their other teachers to implement it. Always invest in yourself! It really pays off in the future!

I love how Courtney not only felt the impact in her own preparedness for her classroom, but that her students felt it and VERBALIZED it.  Now that's an impact my friends.

Next is Taniuska who teaches English and joined us in Flipped Classroom Formula as a founding member last summer.

The flipped classroom. When I first heard about it I thought, sounds nice, won’t work for me or my students. I felt like they’re were too many variables and never enough time. But I couldn’t put off that small voice that said this change was exactly what I needed! This voice was only proved when I realized I would be completing my first unit before school even began. It was nice to troubleshoot without students and deadlines hanging over me. I also had the support of Mandy and the group as I navigated all the “newness!” Fast forward to Covid-Crazy... on what felt like the last day (and turned out to be so) I supplied my students with their texts to take home, and study guides for the last two units of our course. Then I looked them in the eyes and said “we’re ready for anything!” And they knew we were and agreed that unlike all their other classes, this class was going to move forward uninterrupted. We all drew a huge sigh of relief, and I got misty eyed as I realized how hard we had all worked and how flipping my class was going to carry us through the year! I miss my students everyday. This class was the only one I flipped. I can see the difference in my confidence and my students confidence in the flipped vs traditional classes as we’ve navigated the online learning world. I’d do anything to reassure those teachers on the fringe of joining Flipped Classroom Formula to take the chance. Your students will thank you, and YOU will thank you!

 As I'm typing this post, I'm trying to think of something to add... I got nothing... because they said it all.

If what they are saying resonates with you, and if you'd like to hear more, I highly encourage you to join me on Facebook TODAY, Tuesday, May 27th at 4pm EST to hear from three teachers of the flipped classroom who went through the Flipped Classroom Formula last summer.

And if flipping your classroom is something you want to make happen this summer so that you're ready for anything next year with a flexible classroom that you can make work no matter what the setting may be, then join us inside of Flipped Classroom Formula!  Enrollment closes tomorrow, so don't delay, and I'll see you on June 1st when the first module is released inside the course.

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