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How to Make Digital Drag & Drop Activities

Mar 03, 2020

Welcome back for the second installation of our How-To Series for teachers we're currently in the middle of.  I'm excited you're back, but if you didn't catch part one yet, I encourage you to check out how to make student guided notes.

In today's How-To, we'll focus on a digital resource.  It's one that can be done on paper, with scissors and glue, but assigning it digitally furthers the benefits I sought out after when creating these types of resources.

I can explain.

Practice is a super important part of the learning process, as you know, but it also can take a lot of grading and feedback that I simply didn't have the time to provide.  There had to be a better way than assigning the activity, students completing it, I collect, grade, and provide feedback on, then return.

It was just way too long of a process for what should be quick turn on around for students on knowing if they, well, know the material or not based on how well they did applying the concepts.

This is when I tried out some digital drag and drop activities that would allow students to work with quick, real life scenarios, and be able to check their answers, getting immediate feedback.

This technique could do wonders in your classroom too, so that's why I created a tutorial video to show you how I do it.  Fill out the form below and I will send you the video (plus the video from last week, and a video I'm preparing for next week).  It's a bigger one so that's why putting it on this page that I email you will work better.

If you ever have questions about this process, please don't hesitate to reach out on social media - I would love to chat on Facebook or Instagram.  And, more recently, I've joined the LinkedIn world, so connect with me on there as well.

Hope to see you next week where we talk all about stations!

Until then,



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