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How the Flipped Classroom Helps You Reach Your Post-Pandemic Students

Jun 03, 2022

Today’s episode topic on how to reach your post-pandemic students is very similar to and piggy backs off of a recent episode on the same topic, and that would be episode 72, which we have linked in the show notes below so you can go there and give it a listen if you haven’t yet.

In that episode we talked about how our students have changed and how we can respond to those changes in ways that are sustainable for us, the teachers in the room. 

This episode is going to continue that conversation with a focus on how aspects of the flipped classroom allow you to be effective with today’s post-pandemic student.

At this time this episode will go live, just a couple weeks ago I was on a Facebook live with a group of teachers where we discussed the topic of how the pandemic has collectively changed students and what trends we are seeing.  To summarize what those teachers shared, they see that students are disconnected from learning, and from others, they are less motivated to achieve and learn, and overall just less engaged in the process of school.

And this breaks my teacher-heart.

Now this isn’t to say that all students are behaving this way, but it’s definitely a trend teachers are seeing amongst many of their students.

So, what are we to do?

Well, I’d love to help you with some strategies that will allow the ability and extra time to dedicate to re-engage your students, and connect with them, without having to feel guilty about spending class time doing so.  I’ll make suggestions based off of my twelve years of flipping my classroom and helping hundreds of other teachers flip theirs in ways that engaged and empowered their students while preserving their own evenings and weekends for things other than work in the mean time.

After listening to this episode you will have a clear understanding of what aspects of the flipped classroom you want to implement so that you’re prepared to more effectively respond to the needs of your post-pandemic students.

So if you are ready for this discussion and ready to take back your classroom of engaged students, then this episode is for you.  And I bet it’s for one or two of your teacher-friends as well.  If you agree, go ahead and click that share button and send this episode their way.  I so appreciate you taking the time to help me get my message of teacher-sustainability into the ears of more teachers like you.

Alright, let’s get into episode 75, how to reach your post-pandemic students with the flipped classroom.

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Now let’s get back to our episode.

Increase Student Engagement

Student Engagement is up first.  The flipped classroom will automatically allow you to increase student engagement because they’ll be able to go at their own pace through your content, helping them to avoid frustration when they don’t understand.  I’ve heard from a teacher recently that her students lose interest and get frustrated quickly when they don’t understand something.  So instead of trying to figure it out, they just cut their losses. They don’t want to do anything hard.

When you put your content into more accessible flipped videos, your students can watch them at their own pace, pausing and rewinding as they need to.

Now, will all students do this really well?  Of course not, but most will, especially when you teach them how.

The flipped classroom will also allow you the class time to be with them during the harder parts of learning, which will increase engagement.  Instead of them doing their practice problems or application in traditional homework at home, they’re now doing it in your presence so you can be with them as they make mistakes.  This will absolutely increase engagement because they’ll see first hand how involved you are in their learning process, helping them work through misunderstandings and mistakes in real time.

Lastly, when it comes to increasing student engagement, the flipped classroom will create more class time so you can do the more engaging stuff of your content area.  No more putting off that cool project or discussion.  No more avoiding going off topic on a subject that’s not exactly on the test but definitely applicable.  You have the time now, so take it.  Your students (and their scores and increased engagement) will thank you for it.

Increase Student Ownership of Learning

Next up is student ownership of learning.  A big takeaway I want you to have from anything I say about the flipped classroom, no matter when or where I’m talking about it, is this.  Your flipped classroom is WAY more than your flipped videos.  It’s also about the systems and procedures you build to set it up for success.

So, because of the systems you’ll build in your flipped classroom which I guide you through in my online course, Flipped Classroom Formula are the following.

  • Automatic differentiation 
  • Built in remediation and enrichment
  • Built in reflection through formative and summative assessments

You will now have time to implement ALL of three of these HUGE best educational practices.  Differentiation can be so hard and so much work.  With the flipped classroom, you’ve differentiated just with one video.  Differentiation doesn’t have to stop there - there are tons of ways to expand there, but just having flipped, you’ve already made huge progress.

Remediation and enrichment, part of the differentiation conversation, will be a system you build and an automatic occurrence in your classroom, increasing student ownership and their scores.

Lastly, you can now take some time to have your students reflect on their learning and really jump into the metacognitize part of learning.  They’ve got to know what the do and don’t know.  The flipped classroom makes that super clear for them, and the systems of your flipped classroom will make the metacognitive process second nature for your students.

The Flipped Classroom is #Reallife

My last tip in this episode on how the flipped classroom will help you reach your post-pandemic students is that it meets your students where they already are in their real life learning.

These kids, for the most part, know what they want to learn about in real life… and how do they do it?  ON YOUTUBE!!!!  Just like my dad this weekend when he was trying to DIY fixing his 4-wheeler, or my husband when we were installing PEX plumbing when we were building our home 10 years ago

How do you learn about something?  You watch a video demonstrating and explaining it… then you apply and practice on your own… but in your flipped classroom you’re there to be with them as they apply and practice making your flipped classroom even more effective than any one-off youtube video.

Now, am I saying you have to put your flipped videos on YouTube?  Absolutely not.  You can keep them in an mp4 file and post them on your LMS.  I can help you learn that process, but I also teach about uploading to YouTube if that’s something you want to learn about doing.

It’s meeting them where they are, with a technique they use to learn something they choose to learn.  So why not optimize that strategy with things they need to learn in school?

Alright, teacher-friend, there you have for how the flipped classroom allows you to reach your pos-pandemic students.  If this conversation about the flipped classroom has peaked your interest, I want you to know that I’m currently offering a FREE workshop, How to Flip Your Classroom and Earn Grad Credit in Less Than 90 Days, a teacher professional development opportunity you do not want to miss.  It’s free and it’s from your couch, and I’ll send you a certificate of completion at the end for your CEUs.  You can get registered at the link where you’re listening, and I’ll see you there.

And I’ll see you here, same time next week.

Bye for now.


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