Ep 81 How to Use Other Teachers' Videos in Your Flipped Classroom

Dec 13, 2022

I teach teachers how to flip their classrooms, and when I do, we spend a good chunk of our focus on making their own videos. I definitely recommend making your own videos in your flipped classroom, but sometimes it can be too large of an obstacle and stops you from even starting.

If that is the case, then using another teacher's videos may be the exact solution you need.

It truly can be a beautiful, interdependent relationship that your students can thrive in and benefit from.

In this episode, we're going to talk about situations where using another teacher's videos is a must and how to go about doing it well.

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How to Use Other Teachers' Videos in Your Flipped Classroom

  1. Situations where you can use other teachers’ videos
    1. Different way of explaining a concept
    2. Assistance with homework or absent work - great tool for parents, tell story about me looking up multiplication distributive practice with Will
    3. Differentiate your instruction - send home a video or have a remediation station in class where students watch a shorter, broken down video on specific topic
    4. Teacher who has flipped her whole class, use their videos for your own learning or that of your students as well, and guess what… you actually have a HUGE advantage here because you are the expert-learner here.  You get to say to students “as I was learning this, here’s what helped me.”  And so they discussion is on learning the topic not just the topic itself - such a welcoming conversation.  You then can offer another perspective
  2. Shout out to Courtney Stallman and all the other teachers who use my videos
    1. Apologize for updating slides but not videos yet
    2. Zoomed with Courtney’s class
    3. Awesome relationship

  3. A ton of teachers are flipping now - sure, not all of them put videos on youtube, but even of the 500+ teachers in FCF, even if only a third of them put it online, that’s  big chunk of teachers and they aren’t the only ones.  Find a teacher you like - reach out in your grade-level, subject-specific Facebook groups and the Teachergram.  Ask if anyone has flipped their classroom or at least made videos where they explain XYZ.  You’ll get a response.  Don’t just accept the first one - by picky, find a teacher who you like and will do well with your students.


To learn more and get the support you need when flipping your classroom, check out my online course for teachers, Flipped Classroom Formula™, where I help teachers get their classrooms flipped without sacrificing their evenings and weekends to do so.


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