Is the Flipped Classroom Dead | Yes, No & Next Steps

Nov 27, 2022

Head to my YouTube Channel to watch the full video and hear the full conversation to answer the question, is the flipped classroom dead?!?

Below are some notes from the video that I hope you find helpful, but the valuable content is definitely in the video itself so be sure to check that out.

  1. Some of you are like, was a flipped classroom alive, like what even is that - let me explain
    1. Traditional classroom versus flipped
    2. WHY
  2. Then the pandemic happened - FCF exploded and tons of teachers (and students) benefited from the technique, for obvious reasons, they were already in the habit of learning content from videos
  3. So what about now???  We are back inside the classroom - so is it dead?  The complicated answer is Yes and No - let me explain
    1. The term will die because the technique will become so widely used 
      1. Allows T’s to teach all students no matter how they report to them - no more umpteen preps because you’re teaching in person, online, and hybrid
      2. More sustainable for you, more effective for students
    2. No it’s not dying
      1. It’s not going to replace you the teacher in the classroom
      2. It’s going to use you, the most effective (and most expensive, rightfully so) educational tool in the classroom, more effectively. Simple as that.
      3. Go out on a limb here - maybe this is a stretch, idk, get in the comments and let me know if you think this is a stretch (you can say, Mandy you are right on, yes girl yes, or you can say, nope you went to far, not tracking) - to me, the flipped classroom is the BEST way for 90% of teachers to build a classroom that is effective with their modern day, 21st century students AND sustainable for them, allowing them to leave most work at work.
  4. That’s what I think - get in the comments and tell me what you think - is the flipped classroom dead.  I’m here to say the term might go but that is because the technique is so darn alive.
  5. How to get started
    1. Decide what (pick one class/subject area) and how (in-class, traditional flip)
    2. Do it over the summer - can’t wait - do it over a long break - one unit at a time.  Not one lesson, go all in for at least a unit.
    3. Map it out - what will your video cover, what will they do to practice or dive deeper (in class), and how will you know it worked… rinse and repeat until the end of the unit.
    4. To get all of this laid out for you, please go grab my Flipped Classroom Starter Kit below.


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