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My Flipping Conversation with the Master IEP Coach

Feb 16, 2021

Hey there teacher friend!  Today I’ve got a bit of a different episode for you.  A few months back I sat down with Catherine Whitcher, the Master IEP Coach of and to chat about the possibilities of the flipped classroom in today’s education context and how the flipped classroom can serve teachers at the IEP table and their students.

This interview was done for Catherine’s podcast which I encourage you to go check it out, it’s called Special Education Inner Circle, and so she is actually interviewing me.  I loved our conversation so much that I wanted to share it on my podcast as well.  At the end of the episode you’ll hear me talk about dates long past for the Sustainable Teacher Challenge, but have no fear you can still go check that out here.

From a basic understanding of flipped learning to how the flipped classroom can serve you and your students long after distance learning, this episode brings the noise for teachers wanting to be effective with students in today’s world without sacrificing their evenings and weekends to do so.  Enjoy…

My Flipping Conversation with the Master IEP Coach

In today’s episode I am welcoming Catherine Whitcher of and to the Sustainable Teacher Podcast.  Actually, it’s more accurate to say that she welcomed me to her podcast a few months back and since we both loved our conversation so much, I’m now sharing it on my podcast and blog!

Topics discussed in today’s episode include…

  1. Defining what exactly the flipped classroom is.
  2. How flipped learning and intentional steps take now can really pay off in all classrooms once we’re beyond distance learning.
  3. How the flipped classroom provides sustainable ways for teachers to differentiate their classroom without doing and creating absolutely everything under the sun to make it happen.

Check out the episode on your favorite podcast platform or give it a listen at the top of this page.

Where to find the Master IEP Coach

Be sure to check out these resources mentioned in today’s episode and connect with Catherine at the following links…

To learn more about the flipped classroom and get a good start on making all the work you’ve been doing really count beyond distance learning, come grab the totally free, all new and fully updated and upgraded Flipped Classroom Starter Kit.

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