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Teacher Tech Series Part One: Parent Communication

Nov 04, 2021

Welcome back to the Sustainable Teacher, I hope your week so far is going as smoothly as possible, and that you have found this episode at just the right time, whenever that time might be for you.  This episode will be a conversation about EdTech, but more so on the technology that is teacher-facing, and less student-facing.  

Oftentimes in conversation and professional development involving educational technology, the focus is on student-facing technology and what newest tool can be used to have impact in your lessons.  Although It's not bad that this is the main focus, it’s not the only way that technology can benefit a teacher and a classroom.  So in this episode we’ll be talking about teacher tech and how to leverage technology to make a part of your day more sustainable, and the part of your day we’ll focus on in this episode is parent communication.

Sure, technology, in most areas, is great.  It improves efficiency and even sustainability, but only if those are our intentions and goals in using the technology.  And using tech in those ways is often overshadowed by the “cool factor” - using technology just because it will wow our students.  So this episode, and the following two episodes, will be focused on what I call Teacher Tech - that is, how teachers can be using technology to streamline aspects of what they do or retune parts of their day or workload to be more efficient, for a three-part series on this topic.  Today we’ll focus on, like I said, parent communication, next week we’ll get into the specifics of digital planning (that’s right, no more paper lesson plan books), and finally your calendar and project management system (that’s a new one that I’m particularly excited about).

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Here we go for part one of our series on Teacher-Tech, Parent Communication.

This episode on parent communication is actually pulled directly from one of the very first episodes of this podcast. I can hardly believe that was 42 episodes ago, but even if you listened to episode 7 when it first aired back in January, I think this is a good time for a refresher.

If this episode resonates with you and leaves you wanting more information through a series of How-to tutorials, I encourage you to check out the full show notes linked below, fill out the form on that page, and I will send you three how-to-tutorials related to teacher tech that I think you’ll find very helpful.

Alrighty, here goes for episode 7 on Parent Communication.

Episode 7 link

I'll see you same place next week, bye for now.


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