Ep 79 Why I'm All Done with The Flipped Classroom

Nov 29, 2022

I bet this title made you think - woah, what’s happening here Mandy? You are all about the flipped classroom - and you’re not wrong.  I still stand by the statement I made on a recent Youtube video that the flipped learning model is the BEST way for 90% of teachers to be effective with their post-pandemic students in ways that are sustainable for them.

So, why am I all done with it then?

Yes, let’s talk about that and more in today’s episode.  Here we go.

Why I'm All Done With the Flipped Classroom

  1. Quick story time - I am working with teachers at a local middle school, delivering PD on a monthly basis during their students’ early release time and although we talking about the flipped classroom, we’re talking more about using the flipped learning model in ways that work inside each of their classrooms but that also allow them to breathe and be more sustainable in their daily teaching lives.
    1. My husband asked - wait I thought you weren’t talking about the flipped classroom… my response

  2. Why I’m all done with it - I’m done with the flipped classroom being a trend as if it’s something so outside the realm of just good teaching practices, when it really is just a way to teach today’s modern student, at least in a way that is natural to them in today’s I can YouTube and learn anything world.
    1. because the main technique isn’t just about flipping traditional classroom. The traditional classroom is a thing of the past, and we have to use resources like videos because they are so accessible to our students and allow us to do our jobs better, modernizing our classrooms and better responding to our students
    2. We are making ourselves and the content accessible outside of ourselves- that’s not only effective, that’s more sustainable for us!

  3. I’m also done with it because the flipped learning model is not a one size fits all, and you’re able to mold and shift it to work for your specific setting and needs.
    1. At the school where I’m working with teachers - here are some of the example “flipped classrooms” we talked about, almost like an exhibit A, B, C, kind of thing.
    2. Exhibit A - an in-class flip
    3. Exhibit B - station flip
    4. Exhibit C - traditional/at-home flip
    5. Exhibit D - psuedo flip

  4. Tools????  Don’t worry I just paused this recording and I went and wrote in my content calendar that we’ve got to have an episode on tools here soon - I do have an older episode on tools of the flipped classroom you could check out, but I want to do an updated one, so stay tuned for that.
  5. So let’s recap here - I’m all done with the flipped classroom for two reasons… explain those reasons
    1. Then gave 4 examples of what a classroom could look like using the flipped learning model.  And these are just four examples of what is an infinite number of examples.  And I’m really working hard to get into some of these classrooms.  I can share about my own experience in flipping my classroom until the cows come home, but I want to get into current day classrooms that look all kinds of different, and use the flipped learning model in ways that works for them!  IF you are local to me and wouldn’t mind me coming to your classroom to observe, take notes, take pictures and video (of course protecting all the children’s faces and identities), please reach out to me - dm me, email me [email protected] - and let’s set up a time.  Seriously.  Even if you aren’t local and you’re willing - let’s chat.  Maybe I can take a road trip, idk, we’ll see.But it’s really important to me that we make this happen, so yeah - let’s do it.
  6. Thanks so much for tuning in today - be sure to follow this podcast so you don’t miss an episode coming out - I’m getting back into the swing of things and have episodes scheduled on Tuesdays for the foreseeable future.  Oh, and leave me a review - what do you want to hear and talk about?  Come over on the instagram and tell me there as well.  So glad to be back with you all, and hope to connect more.  I’ll see you here next week!

Camtasia for the Flipped Classroom

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