Your Flipped Classroom Questions Answered & Why it Doesn't Suck

Dec 05, 2022

Flipped Classroom FAQs

    1. Video Intro: Excited for this video and here’s why.  In my 12 years of flipping classrooms and training thousands of teachers in the flipped learning model, the same few questions come up every time.
      1. I’m going to answer 8 questions
    2. Channel Intro: Well Hey there, Teacher Friend, welcome to my channel, I am Mandy Rice of Teachonamission.com and the Sustainable Teacher Podcast bringing you weekly teacher-content to inspire and invigorate your love of teaching in a way that allows you to be a good teacher AND have a personal life - because YES, you can have both.  And I would love it if you would come hang out with me on Instagram so we can get to know each other better.  And as always, if this video is something you’re watching and nodding your head to, then go ahead and hit that like and subscribe button so you do not miss any videos I have in the works for you. Alright, let’s get to it.


  • Video Content
    1. Do I have to assign the videos as homework?
    2. How do I hold students accountable for taking the notes/watching videos?
    3. How does this work with English Language Learners?
    4. How much work will it take because it sounds like a lot?
    5. Will this work in the lower grade levels?
    6. Will this work in my subject area?
    7. How do I organize all the parts of the lesson - video, activities, notes, stations, formative assessments?
      1. Flipped Classroom Formula is now open for enrollment as a self-paced course you can take any time you are ready !!!!  Go check it out now!
    8. Is it a good fit for me?
  1. Go grab my flipped classroom Starter Kit - help you answer the question is this a good fit for me?  And then I’ll be emailing you with many more helpful resources in starting to flip you classroom like past podcast episodes, my recommended tools, etc.
  2. It doesn’t suck because it is the BEST way for most teachers to teach today’s post-pandemic student effectively without sacrificing their evenings, weekends, and personal lives to do so!


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