A Teacher's Flipped Classroom Transformation - Part 2

May 04, 2021

On today’s episode of the Sustainable Teacher Podcast I am so excited to welcome Jessica Verrill, a chemical engineer turned stay-at-home-mom turned high school chemistry teacher. She has been teaching chemistry at a small town academy in central Maine since 2018, has a wonderful husband, two fabulous teenage daughters, and a fun little dog named Ziggy. Jessica loves to spend time with her family kayaking on the local river, at camp on the New Brunswick border, and hiking in the mountains or on the beautiful coast of Maine.

Our paths first crossed in the spring of 2020, as Jessica will explain in the interview, where she attended my flipped classroom workshop.  She then took my online course Flipped Classroom Formula, and is on the podcast today to share her classroom transformation amongst teaching in a pandemic and the success she and her students have experienced because of her hard work, and strategic decision to flip her classroom.

Topics discussed in today's episode include:

  1. Tell us about you, your teaching life, what it was like before and what  it’s like now.
  2. What shifts have you seen in your students because of flipping?
  3. How has flipping impacted your classroom this year in particular amongst the hybrid and online  learning?
  4. What will your classroom look like moving forward?  What advantage do you think you have because of flipping?

Holy moly, what a fun teacher chat that was.  We had some laughs, ok we had a lot of laughs, and I hope you got to laugh along with us and feel refreshed by a positive and uplifting conversation amongst teachers in a year that feels daunting and less than inspiring.

Before we go I want to give you the same opportunity that Jessica had when our paths first crossed and that is with the limited time teacher workshop, 3 Insights to Flipping Your Classroom: Being More sustainable in the new normal of education.

It’s the one-hour training Jessica spoke of, it  will be  packed with practical and actionable steps, a freebie for being there live, and even a  pd certificate for attending when we’re finished.  You can get signed up at teachonamission.com/workshop, it’s linked in the show notes below as well.

And there you have it teacher friend, our second in a three part series of Teacher Transformations  with their very own flipped classrooms.  I’m so thankful for Jessica taking some time out of her busy teacher-schedule to chat with me, and hope that you got to enjoy hearing about her experience and classroom transformation as much as I did.

We’ll see you next week right here on the Sustainable Teacher Podcast.  Bye for now.



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