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AP Psychology Content Coaching Video Training Series

Jul 15, 2019

Welcome to Part 5 of our Content Coaching Series.  Be sure to go back and check out each part of the series to learn more about this new(ish) way to support teachers, and new ways that I would like teachers to be supported through content coaching (part one, two, three, four).

The one-on-one coaching model in education is great because a solid relationship is able to form, and more personalized coaching can take place, and impact is made on the classroom and students.  Think of an instructional coach (or any kind of coach) you've worked with.  I'm hoping it was a positive working-relationship, and I'm sure you gained great value from it because there was one-on-one work.

The catch is that one-on-one coaching, as in all industries, not just in education, is a large time and financial investment.  Even still, it's the ideal solution in many cases, however, not all.  Not all situations need a huge time or financial investment, especially when time and finances are the two resources that are most scarce.  As teachers, does that situation ring a bell... particularly for teachers just starting out?

In your first years as a teacher, you are working 60+ hours a week (if you're anything like me as a first through third year teacher), and are making the lowest salary of your career.  The real conundrum then being that this is when you are in the most need of a coach... at the exact moment you don't have the time or money to dedicate to someone to truly help you thrive in this demanding career.

So what are we to do?

This is where I believe we need some change in the field of education.  We need to support teachers in newer ways - not necessarily in mandated, regimented professional development, but rather in ways that tell the teacher... "You are the practitioner, go develop your practice."  With guidelines of course. 

Let me ask you this... have you ever followed someone on social media that you feel like you've connected with and learned a lot from even though you've never met them in person?  Even though you haven't had super long meetings, and collaborated on various lessons?

Maybe this person is a mom similar to you who is a good role model for parenting and all things housekeeping.  I totally fangirl over the gal I follow in this area; no shame.  Or maybe this person is a fitness inspiration to you, someone who doesn't over do it with supplements and working out 5 hours a day, but definitely brings the motivation for your 30-60 minute sweat sesh during the week.

You don't need to regularly meet with this person to see results in the area for which you are following them because you are both motivated to do well in that area, and are motivated by that person.

You may have even found someone in the education field who does this for you, and I bet you feel a little left-wanting from their social media presence or from a book of theirs, wishing they could impact their career and your classroom a bit more.

Let's find the happy medium, shall we?  One that allows you to meet with this person, someone you identify with and who can speak value into your content knowledge and classroom, even get some resources from them that you know will be effective if implemented correctly so that you don't have to continue running around like a chicken with your head cut off, and maybe, just maybe allow you to feel confident teaching a course the FIRST time you teach it.  

What if you had a Content Coaching Membership?

Have you ever subscribed to one of those boxes - FabFitFun, or God's Glory Box, or even the Baker's Box?  You know, you pay for the subscription every month and viola, a lovely box of goodies shows up at your door.

What if we did that, but for teachers, and not in a box, but instead in a membership site?  A member's only site that had videos of content training, access to quality resources (INCLUDED in the membership), and even Live Q&A with the coach.

I give to you...

In this FREE series of videos I am going to offer some content coaching around three of the trickiest areas of the course so that you can leave the video feeling more confident and better able to bring your students to mastery of the standards.

You'll have less confusion around the vocabulary, and a clearer understanding of how to avoid those tricky areas for students in these three lesson topics...

1.  The Normal Curve: Statistics in Psychological Research

2.  The Neuron: Getting through the Confusion of Agonists vs. Antagonist

3.  Treatment: Big Understandings in the Treatment of Mental Illness

In each video I will discuss at length the major understandings students must walk away with, teaching YOU all about those concepts so that you can be the one to confidently show them to your students.  I'll also recommend some activities to include in your lesson, as well as talk about some of my favorite resources that I love to have as supplemental support as I learn about and teach this course.

It is completely free!  So make sure to get on the list to receive access to this video training series by getting your AP Psych Done Right! Workbook here.  Once you get that workbook, you'll be on the list and I'll be sending you more details soon.

I can not WAIT to see you in the training.  I just know it's going to help you in these three particular areas, as well as others when I recommend great resources you'll want to get your hands on.  And, if nothing else, you'll at least have the workbook that helps you get set up for the year.

Please know that this video series training will only be available for a limited time.  So when you get that email, be sure to watch it within a few days.  Then I'll be sending another email with the next video - I'll do the same thing for each one, letting you know when it won't be available anymore and ways I can continue to support you whether that's through something awesome I've got for you or simply through TpT or YouTube.

If at any point you have questions, please please PLEASE send me an email.  I want to support you as you take on this new(er) course, and I want to do that through a coaching relationship.  Send me an email to [email protected].  Seriously, email me.  I want to hear from you :)

Get that workbook, and stay tuned to your inbox for some awesomeness coming your way.

Until next time,


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