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An Educator's Take on EdChoice in Ohio

Disclaimer: This is a blog.  This is a blog run solely by a classroom teacher who is stepping into the coaching and entrepreneurial realm with hopes of making an impact on other teachers and their classrooms.  The opinions shared in this post are completely and exclusively the opinions of the writer with evidence from Ohio's recent changes to the Edchoice laws provided at the EdChoice Scholarship Program website.

Using a single state's decision to shed light on a bigger issue

I live in Ohio - always have. 

I educate in Ohio - always have. 

There have been some recent changes in laws on school choice that will impact public schools in Ohio, big time.

So, I'm taking the opportunity NOT to just spout off about those changes (although, if someone is going to spout off about education, it should be mostly teachers that we listen to... just my humble opinion).  Instead, I'm using this opportunity provided by these recent changes to shed a little light on how...

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