Digital Lesson Planning for Teachers | Ditch Your Teacher Planner and Do This Instead

About a few years into teaching, after trying all kinds of teacher planners including Plum Paper, one I made for myself, and even the coveted Erin Condren Teacher planner, I decided to commit teacher adultery or something else incredibly sinful as a teacher.

I threw away my teacher planner. GASP!

Tell them why you threw it away.

In this video I’m going to not just tell you what I did instead, which I’ve done before over on my podcast, which I’m releasing new episodes on weekly and I would LOVE for you to go check that out, but instead today on this video I’ll actually SHOW you what it is to lesson plan… digitally.


  1. Advantages to planning digitally - All the reasons I shared in the intro, but let me elaborate
    1. Advantage #1 - I don’t have to write the same dag-gone thing every year over and over just because the days don’t match up from last year
    2. Advantage #2 - Sharing with colleagues
    3. Advantage #3 - Links.  Instead of having a...
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