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Teacher Hustle in 2020

Although I almost never do it, meaning I really should find the time to make it a habit, I find it so interesting to look back on my past creations or writing.  That's certainly the case when I read back on the Teacher Health Series we did before the COVID pandemic hit us in March, and although the world has seemingly turned inside out since the pandemic, the message of this post on teacher health, particularly the "hustle" culture of education, rings even more true today than it did when we first published it.

Check it out.

Teacher Health: The "Just Hustle" Culture of Education Today 

Welcome back to the Teacher Health series here at Teach On A Mission.  I'm so glad you decided to carve out some time to join me in this reflection and consideration of ways we can build up teachers and bring them a healthier lifestyle.

In last week's post, Part One of our Teacher Health series, I shared some details around the not-so-secret trend that's occurring in education...

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