AP® Biology Resources for Unit 1 Chemistry of Life

 Biology is such a beautiful course to teach but it does come with some difficulties. There is so much content in Biology, where do we even begin?

As a Biology teacher you also need to teach math, statistics, reading and writing. Not to mention you have to teach students lab skills. But all of this is not necessarily bad, it just means we need a little more assistance and support when we go to teach this course. 

My hope is to give you that support through high quality and effective resources, and possibly even coaching. But let's take it one unit at a time.  And, let's start with the first unit in AP® Biology... Chemistry of life. After reading this post, you'll have great ideas for AP® Biology activities and resources in hopes that you get to focus your time elsewhere in being effective with your students (some of the resources are paid resources available on our TpT store, others are made for you and available in our Sustainable Biology...

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