Google Draw for Classroom Handouts & Activities | A Teacher Tutorial

(Hold up big binder) - This right here represents what my students’ binders would look like at the end of each school year after having taken my class where we spent everyday either taking notes or completing practice and application activities and then storing them in this binder so they had access to all of it when it came time to prepare for their end of the year or end of course exam.

Drop it on desk - loud noise, shaking camera

Whether you teach little babies in elementary or big babies in high school - and I mean that in a lovingly, motherly way - you’ve experienced the drag and drop.  Circa 2012 ish drag and drop became a major soft skill for all students starting at about age 2 when new age testing dropped into our lives - pun intended.

And when we drag and drop on paper, other wise known as literally cutting and pasting, not digitally cutting and pasting, here’s what happens….Have cut and paste activity and do some cutting and scissors and...

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