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How I Failed My Students in the Flipped Classroom

This post is a bit different from more recent posts that focus on ways to make a thriving flipped classroom.  Instead of 5 ways to start or tools of the trade, this post is a bit more personal and vulnerable.  I appreciate your grace when you read this, but even though I'm a bit more vulnerable, I feel impelled to share it so that we can all be a bit more transparent about our experiences in the classroom and, more importantly, so that you have some takeaways for your flipped classroom.  So here we go.

First let me start by giving some context around the word "failed" when I say How I "Failed" my students in the flipped classroom. I do not mean that I gave them a failing grade for the course.  What I mean is how I, as their teacher, did not have a great year in the flipped classroom; how I let me students down because I, frankly, got lazy.  

Now, my students don't know the difference in how I was this year in comparison to past years' performances,...

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