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AP Psychology Content Coaching Video Training Series

Welcome to Part 5 of our Content Coaching Series.  Be sure to go back and check out each part of the series to learn more about this new(ish) way to support teachers, and new ways that I would like teachers to be supported through content coaching (part one, two, three, four).

The one-on-one coaching model in education is great because a solid relationship is able to form, and more personalized coaching can take place, and impact is made on the classroom and students.  Think of an instructional coach (or any kind of coach) you've worked with.  I'm hoping it was a positive working-relationship, and I'm sure you gained great value from it because there was one-on-one work.

The catch is that one-on-one coaching, as in all industries, not just in education, is a large time and financial investment.  Even still, it's the ideal solution in many cases, however, not all.  Not all situations need a huge time or financial investment, especially when time and finances...

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